Share the glow with our customized group experiences 

Get together and get your glow on with our custom beauty and wellness events in Barcelona. From private parties to corporate benefits, we're here to help you prioritize wellbeing.

Group Experiences

If you're looking to indulge in self-care while enjoying the company of your favorite people in Barcelona, we have the perfect solution for you. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or simply deserve some pampering, our private and custom-designed treatments and events cater to groups of three or more.

With a range of services including nail treatments, hair styling, makeup, massages, and more, we can create a personalized experience based on your group size and availability. Whether you're seeking beauty treatments, wellbeing sessions, or a combination of both, we will tailor everything to meet your specific needs and ensure that your group is well taken care of.

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Corporate or Office Benefits

Transform your workplace into a luxurious sanctuary of self-care and well-being with our workplace beauty & wellness treatments. At On the Glow, our dedicated team offers exceptional services that can help increase employee productivity, motivation, and overall well-being. We understand the benefits of employee wellness in the workplace and provide customized packages based on the size and requirements of your organization.

Our treatments include massage therapy, yoga and meditation sessions, manicures, and more. Our team specializes in creating a relaxing and stress-free environment within the workplace, encouraging your employees to take a break, unwind and recharge.

Studies have shown that investing in employee well-being can increase job satisfaction and retention rates, foster a positive work culture, and ultimately lead to increased profitability. By providing regular workplace beauty and wellness treatments, you can demonstrate your commitment to your employees' overall health and happiness.

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Pop-up Events

Are you organizing a launch event or aiming to generate excitement for a new product in Barcelona? Take your events to the next level with our pop-up wellness and beauty treatments. Our collaboration with brands ensures that you and your guests will feel and look amazing.

With our expertise, we will curate a unique atmosphere that perfectly aligns with your brand, making your event a memorable experience for everyone involved. Don't miss the opportunity to create a buzz and leave a lasting impression in Barcelona!

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Client Hospitality

We know your VIPs need to take care of their beauty and wellbeing too. If you want to take your customer service to the next level, our professionals are on hand to help.

Whether you need to help your guests look sensational before big events or help them unwind and recharge after as a special thank you, we can make it happen.

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