Facial Massage

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Our process: Facial massages help give you a healthy glow by increasing blood circulation, relaxing facial muscles, decreasing puffiness, and promoting collagen production.

Areas of your face are gently stroked, tapped, pinched, and kneaded to combat puffiness, wrinkles, and muscle tension.

These techniques awaken your skin, drain fluid, and push out toxins for a healthier complexion.

Our massage therapists evaluate your needs at the start of each session and adjust the treatment to your preferences.

What's included: Targeted facial massage to give a healthy glow.

Treatment time: 60 minutes, plus 10 minutes for set-up and take-down.

On the Glow promise: For facial treatments we partner with fellow responsible brand, Medik8. All of our products are premium quality, cruelty free, and vegan.