Spa Pedicure

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What to expect: The spa pedicure offers a variety of benefits for the care and well-being of your feet, providing deep hydration with emollient cream that softens the skin in a hygienic and sustainable way. We shape the nails and apply the desired nail color for a polished and elegant look.The waterless spa pedicure improves the appearance of your feet while helping to relieve muscle tension and promote blood circulation in the feet and legs.

We recommend the Spa pedicure also as a treatment to reduce stress and promote overall relaxation.

 What's included: A waterless spa pedicure with anti-bacterial, fungicidal, antiseptic and healing properties. Deep moisturizing with disposable socks and a professional emollient cream, pedicure with semi-permanent or classic polish, foot massage.

Treatment time: 1 hour 30 minutes, plus 10 minutes for set-up and take-down.